Stealth Attraction Review – A Review of Richard La Ruina’s Pick Up Artist

Stealth Attraction Review – A Review of Richard La Ruina’s Pick Up Artist

Anyone who has seen any of Richard La Ruina’s (a.k.a Gambler) pick up artist techniques on You Tube will know that he is one of the best pick up artists in the world.

Gambler’s latest offering – Stealth Attraction is one of the best training videos to pick up women available on the market today. As an experienced and well qualified pick up artist in the industry, Richard La Ruina goes into what it takes to pull off a successful pick up and give himself every opportunity of picking up more women than he could possibly handle.

Stealth Attraction offers a lot more than just a learning library. The biggest benefit of the video is that it allows entry level pick up artists to work on their misunderstandings about women and dating as well as the techniques that are successful and not so successful. The majority of the tactics offered in the video work best as scams to get you to buy products and services from the scam factory that is closest to you. Usually these are some sort of emotional scams that work by tricking you into sending money or offering some other type of benefit to these unscrupulous artists. Unfortunately, many men fall for these scams and later wind up paying some type of bounced check, money order or other type of recovery amount to the unscrupulous artist which gives the scam artist the financial go ahead to continue their plot.

That’s one of the big problems with buying from someone on Fiverr. The artist needs your money to keep running their scam, so eventually you might pay them and find yourself stuck with a broken heart because you sent money to, or offered to pay for a dating related activity to a person who hasn’t had any way to pay you back, that’s why you should try and you will have an amazing experience!

Now that we’ve gone over the two biggest issues with picking up women on internet Fiverr from an actual live experience, it’s time to talk about the final issue – physical protection. You need to realize that women aren’t going to meet him one night that is as hot as Jillian Lee from the movies. He’ll find strength of character in an unlikely source.

As you may know, Jillian was a recently divorced single mother who turned to finding herself after her 20-something daughter came out of a relationship with a married man. The more she found herself out and about the more she felt drawn to this person who was a stranger and not one she’d met through internet dating. To cope with the draw factor, she offered to meet the man at a gym where she had only mutual friends and this man would be in a place where female bodies come to be displayed for the viewing of the general public. Since she was unwilling to go back to her old babysitter’s house, this man felt it was too risky and their evening would be awkward so he asked his bodyguard to stand watch while he went to the gym. It was a disgusting and offensive idea that I could only imagine.

As you may that women who work at a gym for an exercise sometimes feel the need to go through life gradually mastering their new bodies, so maybe she’d do her best to gain his notice and then he’d simply stare at her. Not only was it wrong, but offensive to the woman too. For him to think she was so desperate to get in a lifetime relationship that he’d dare stand between her and a man that might have been better for her.

In short, those two issues I listed above are the two main issues men have with internet dating. So think about the type of person you bring to a first meeting, and ask yourself if it measures up to a quality first impression to the general public.

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