Incredible & Crazy things you can do only in Dubai

Incredible & Crazy things you can do only in Dubai

The ever expanding metropolis of Dubai is the 5th most important city in the world for the ultra rich, so it’s certainly a playground for crazy things, if money were no object. If you’re thinking about where to go on your next adventure and want to spend your days in luxurious pools and your evenings in some of the trendiest clubs on the planet, check out Dubai, which has become a hot travel destination. And in case you do not have companions during the trip, you can easily hire one of many Dubai escorts to come with you to events, as requesting this type of service will surely be fun. You always have this option, so browse for an escort  ( during your trip, as many charming sugar babies can be found in Dubai nowadays . In case you are uncomfortable to eat alone or want somebody to show you around, one of them may accompany you, but keep in mind that she can offer you a pleasurable time as well, so allow yourself to experience a relaxing day.


You may have heard many stories of your friends about the majestic architecture, fancy attractions, seven star hotel and luxury lifestyle, and all of these phenomena may seem like computer graphics, so get ready. Dubai is high on our list of “you got to see it for yourself” kind of places, so if you want to play, there are some unique things to do. Travelers speak highly of Dubai and it was not difficult for us to make an exclusive list of the craziest things to do as there is no limit of craziness, so here it is.


Over the past decade, Dubai has gone from being a small Bedouin village to the global entertainment hub of the world, and today the amazing city stretches for 25 miles offering exciting new experiences, apart from being a city of world records.


  1. Looking for a Taxi?

If you prefer to drive yourself, rent a King Size Jeep, but be careful not to speed, as the Dubai police has luxury sports cars such as McLaren.


  1. SkyDive

SkyDubai has two drop zones and tandems skydive from 13,000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah is an incredible experience for beginners in Dubai.


  1. Go skiing

Get frosty at the Chillout Lounge, with an ambient temperature of -6 °C, if you’ve had enough of the scorching sun, but be aware that temperature difference can be quite a shock, even though they give you warm clothes and serve hot soup. Indoor skiing is a strange concept, as there are no towering mountains, but this has to be one of the most unique things in Dubai and you can get up close and personal with penguins at the penguin encounter afterwards.


  1. See the view from Burj Khalifa

It is not yet possible to see the world the way it is from the world’s tallest standing man-made structure and that is what makes it a must visit place on top of the world which is creating an iconic skyline.


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