Side Effects For Remeron

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Only Positive News

Positive news updates and inspiring stories from around the world.

Positive Quote Wednesday – by Lewis Carroll


The magical creator of Alice and Wonderland has some wise and creative words for you. Ready to fall down the rabbit hole?


1. “I can’t go back to yesterday — because I was a different person then.”

2. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

3. “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

4. “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

5. “Always speak the truth, think before you speak, and write it down afterwards.”

6. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

7. “Everything is funny, if you can laugh at it.”

8. “If you set to work to believe everything, you will tire out the believing-muscles of your mind, and then you’ll be so weak you won’t be able to believe the simplest true things.”

9. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

10. “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”

11. “I’d give all the wealth that years have piled, / the slow result of life’s decay, / To be once more a little child / for one bright summer day.”

12. “If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much!”

13. “If you believe in me, I’ll believe in you.”

Source: MindBodyGreen


Jewelry Line Helps the Homeless


A key is a powerful symbol. It represent possibilities, openings. It evokes the romantic idea of a “key to your heart.” One singer found a way to take her favorite pendant and create jewelry that would “pay it forward” by helping homeless.

What door can you open today? What does the magical key to your heart look like?

Found at

Can you tell our readers a little about The Giving Keys?

I really believe we are all unique and each person has the power to unlock incredible beauty in the world. I found unique vintage keys to be a powerful symbol of this belief. After engraving my first key with the word LOVE and turning it into a necklace, my friends and people that came to my shows began asking for their own keys. I made more keys with words like HOPE, STRENGTH, DREAM and COURAGE. I realized that these simple keys became incredibly powerful when the wearer of the key would give it away to someone else. Finally, I realized that I wanted to create jobs for LA locals who are affected by homelessness, so at The Giving Keys we employ people who are transitioning out of homelessness to make each vintage piece of jewelry.

 What was the inspiration behind giving the keys away to someone in need?

I had this really powerful moment in a church parking lot one day. After a service this woman came up to me and handed me a pair of earrings and said she felt they were for me so she gave them to me, a perfect stranger. It was this crazy moment that really affected me and the way I think about how we handle our possessions. I’ll always remember that — that she so freely gave something valuable away to bless someone else. That’s what we want The Giving Keys to be — not something you hoard and hold onto, but something you keep for as long as you need it, and when the time comes and you meet someone who needs that word more than you, you give it away – you pay it forward.


Chloe Aftel


Pizza Parlor Offers up Slice to the Homeless


Think about it. A slice of pizza can be a a warming, substantial meal for those in need…as well as delicious. One parlor has figured out a great way to pay it forward, pizza-wise.

One young business owner is proving the value of making his hometown a more charitable community, one pizza slice at a time.

Mason Wartman, 27, spent three years in a Wall Street job before he left, burnt out, to open Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia.

One simply needs to step inside to see how Rosa’s differentiates itself from the competition: Colorful Post-it notes cover the walls. Each note represents a free slice of pizza, paid for by customers who donated $1. The homeless can come into Rosa’s and exchange one of the Post-its for a free slice.

So far, Rosa’s has given away 9,000 slices.

“On bad days, I wish we didn’t do this. On the good days, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m really glad I did this,’” Wartman told TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones about running his business. “At the end of the day, we help so many people that I can’t go back.”

Wartman says he didn’t come up with the idea to help the homeless. He simply wanted to provide a place to grab a $1 pizza slice, like the ones he loved in New York. It was his customers, he said, who cooked up the idea of paying it forward, one dollar and slice at a time. Rosa’s serves about 40 homeless customers every day and each patron is recognized like any other paying customer, Wartman said.



Of the hundreds of Post-it notes on the walls, each scribbled with a brief message or drawing, one in particular is Wartman’s favorite. “It’s an angel holding a hot slice of pizza with a little heart inside,” he said.

Of the hundreds of Post-it notes on the walls, each scribbled with a brief message or drawing, one in particular is Wartman’s favorite.

“It’s an angel holding a hot slice of pizza with a little heart inside,” he said.







Positive Quote Wednesday – on Relaxation


We all need it. We all want it. But somehow, it often alludes us. Our frenetic world doesn’t seem to allow for much of it, like its something extraneous that we can do without…but we can’t. So relax–your life depends on it.

Stop the glorification of busy.

Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week (January 21, 2014)

Inspirational Print  Dreamy Beach Photograph Relax by ModernBeach

Want To Transform Your Life? Sit In Silence.  “Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu

What a peaceful evening I will have...  --  From Mackenzie Brown's tumblr. Author of Prince of the City

The busier and more stressed you are, the more you need to take a break and check in. Exactly when you feel you don't have the time is when it will benefit you most.


Arrested Teen Saves Life of Arresting Cop



Beyond the color, the professional role, the stigma and the current state of divisiveness, lies human beings who (under most circumstances) experience a primary drive to help another in crisis.

That’s the short story of Jamal Rutledge, a 17-year-old who saved the life of a Florida police officer in September, when he called for help after the officer clutched his chest and collapsed while booking Rutledge into jail. The teen, and several responding officers, will be publicly recognized at a ceremony Jan. 21.

Surveillance video of the incident shows Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Franklin Foulks clutch his chest and fall to the ground while doing paperwork in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Booking Facility, as Rutledge — who’d already been detained — looks on.

Rutledge approached the officer, realized the severity of his condition and “immediately began to kick the security fence and yell to alert officers in the area,” police said in a statement.

Sgt. Todd Bunin heard the commotion and responded to the scene, then radioed for help from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. Meanwhile, two other officers, Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, began performing CPR and applied an AED to Foulks’ chest.

EMTs arrived shortly thereafter and transported Foulks to Broward Health Medical Center, police said, where medical staff concluded Rutledge’s prompt response was “largely responsible” for saving the officer’s life.

Source: Huffington Post

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Dog Rides Bus Alone to Dog Park


Amazing story about a dog’s intelligent…and keen desire to make it to the dog park!

This cute canine has cracked the code on the Seattle Metro Transit bus routes. Two-year-old Eclipse, a black Labrador mix, boards alone and then hops off when the bus reaches her stop: the local dog park.Read more: Smart Seattle dog rides the bus by herself to the dog park.

Watch the video of a very independent dog.



Instructions for a Bad Day


When we’re in the thick of it, often we need a little guidance and direction in order to find our way again.

When you’re struggling to get through a difficult day, week or time in your life, remember those words from spoken word poet Shane Koyczan. His piece, “Instructions for a Bad Day,” is read in the video above. The five-minute clip, created by Jon Goodgion from his own footage as well as pieces from Kevin Macdonald’s crowd-sourced documentary “Life In A Day,” makes for instant inspiration. – Huffington Post



3 Ways to Embrace your All-too-human Flaws



“We’re only human. We’re supposed to make mistakes.”

Lines from a Billy Joel song. But more importantly, they should be lines deeply embedded in the recesses of your mind. The more you allow for your mistakes, the more you relax into your messy, imperfect existence.

Perfection is (yawn) boring anyway. Making mistakes and being imperfect are part of the sexy, messy world of being human. As Billy Joel sings: “You’re only human. You’re supposed to make mistakes.” (And yes, he emphasizes “supposed to.” It’s our duty to mess up in order to grow.)

Your failures make up the complex, rich tapestry that is you. So remember: there’s only one red-hot mess like you, baby! Own it. Don’t try to perfect it.


Children are allowed to make mistakes…and we’re all children. Would you ever mock a child for making a mistake or “failing” at something? No. Most of us understand that a child needs latitude to make a mistake because he or she is still learning.

So why don’t the big kids get that same break? We’re all works in progress. We’re all little children inside. If you view your mistakes as you would those of a child, you give yourself a much-needed soul break. And you give yourself the opportunity to try again without the threat of self-recrimination. Be the child, be the kind, supportive parent.


Failures are stepping-stones. If we don’t peacefully allow ourselves to frequently fail, we don’t have the opportunity to learn and move past those failures. So it’s pretty critical to accept our screw-ups or we won’t accomplish much of anything. (How’s that for a scare tactic?)

Okay, let’s say you like to sing but you think you stink. Well first of all, you’re not alone—most people (sadly) hate their singing voices. But here’s the catch: in order to get better, you have to allow yourself to sound crappy. Because that’s part of getting better! Give yourself room to fail repeatedly. Embracing failure (ironically) is one of the keys to success.


Indestructible Balls Allows Global Community to “Play Ball”



This photo reminds us that when children are happy, a ripple effect takes place around the world and we’re all a little happier.

Many kids from around the world make balls out of rags or balls that are broken in order to play sports. One man came up with a sturdier idea:

Jim Jahnigen isn’t an engineer and he doesn’t have a fancy business degree — but that hasn’t stopped him from bringing an invention to market that’s changing the lives of millions of children around the globe.

The OneWorld Futbol, the soccer ball he invented, is playing a fundamental part of the solution to long-term social development in struggling regions — because it lasts.

More than just a means to recreate or a route to college, sport is an essential part of human development that teaches indispensable lessons about teamwork, conflict resolution and tolerance, and helps heal unthinkable traumas.

But all across the globe, where the healing power of play is most needed, children live in the harshest conditions, from refugee camps to remote rural villages, where traditional balls don’t last. In these places, plastic bags, rope, inflated condoms and all manner of trash serve as soccer balls.

That’s where Jahnigen comes in. The ball he envisioned, made of injection-molded, closed-cell foam, similar to the material used to make Crocs shoes, is virtually indestructible, can’t be deflated, doesn’t get waterlogged and is made to survive.

Read more about Jahnigen’s journey at Mashable.


Landfill Waste Converted to Jet Fuel


Desperate times call for desperate measures…or any measures that require us re-using resources instead of taxing our poor planet anymore. Go ingenuity!

Landfill waste will be converted into jet fuel in a pioneering scheme involving British Airways (BA).

Fuel will be produced at a new facility located at Thames Enterprise Park in Thurrock, Essex, which was formerly the site of an oil refinery.

It will be the first facility globally to convert landfill waste into jet fuel when it is completed in 2017, according to BA.

The airline has committed to buying all 50,000 tonnes of aviation grade fuel produced annually by the GreenSky London project for 11 years.

Work on the plant is expected to start in 2015 and will require around 1,000 construction workers and create 150 permanent operational jobs.

BA says the fuel will be created from waste left over once all recyclable material has been removed. Such material would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated.

The conversion process involves technology developed by US firm Solena Fuels. High temperature plasma gasification technology is used to turn the waste into synthetic gas and then into liquid hydrocarbons.

The plant is expected to convert 500,000 tonnes of waste into 120,000 tonnes of “clean burning liquid fuels” each year.

Source: Positive News UK


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