Efectos Secundarios De Benicar 20 Mg

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Only Positive News

Positive news updates and inspiring stories from around the world.

Scout Earns Eagle Rank After Sudden Death


We can all hope that our legacy carries on after we die. Sometimes our loved ones make sure it happens:

Scores of friends, family members, and fellow Boy Scouts have joined forces to help a Pennsylvania Boy Scout win his Eagle badge weeks after his sudden death. Noah Cornuet, 16, collapsed and died after football practice last month from what turned out to be a rare heart tumor, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. This past weekend, at least 70 people worked to finish the improvements the teen had begun at the Puckety Presbyterian Church in Lower Burrell as part of his Eagle project. A review board will meet tonight to decide whether to award the teenager the highest rank in scouting.

Source: Newser

Eat your Ugly Fruit!


I’ll tell you a little story about a health food store around me. They used to sell slightly older or bruised fruits and veggies for a reduced price. And I loved it! Then for some reason, they got rid of it. Now its just overpriced produce that most of us “regular folk” can’t afford.

But looks like other stores are far more progressive, unloading their “ugly” produce for a fraction of the price.

Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternativ

Launched in the city of Provins, the Les fruits et légumes moches (Inglorious fruit and vegetables) initiative offers misshapen fruit and vegetables at a 30% discount. It aims to help address the 300m tonnes of food that is wasted globally every year and challenge controls on physical appearance imposed by retailers that see fruit and vegetable crops frequently unharvested or left at the farm.

To highlight the campaign to consumers, posters were put up across the shop with slogans including ‘hideous orange makes beautiful juice’. Customers were also asked to blind taste both ‘inglorious’ and standard fruit and vegetables and according to the supermarket, customers said that they tasted the same.

Intermarché claims that the campaign was successful after the first three days saw all of the 272kg (600lbs) of ‘inglorious’ carrots, apples and oranges on offer sold, and footfall increased by 24%. The supermarket has said that it is now looking at rolling the campaign across all of its stores in France.

Source: Positive News UK



…but still delicious!

Happy Photo Monday


A picture is worth a million words. And on a Monday, it’s often easier to simply appreciate an inspiring image. Below is a photo of actor Patrick Stewart hugging Dawn Garrigus of Statesboro, Georgia, an 11-year-old with mitochondrial disease, a progressive chronic illness that causes physical, mental and developmental disabilities. She is also a devoted Star Trek fan.

Through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Dawn requested to attend Dragon Con, a sci-fi and fantasy convention in Georgia, where the popular series would make an appearance.

Image by photographer James Barker.


patrick stewart

Source: Huffington Post

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Baby’s Cute…and Then Not So Cute


This made me smile today (as it did for the baby apparently). One photo shot with an unexpected surprise.

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$80 Million Donation for Preservation of Wild Cats


During a fractured global time, it’s reassuring to know that occasionally, countries can ban together for a good cause. Wild cats are worth our global eye and funds.

Donors from China, India, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. provided $80 million as cornerstone funding to save all 38 species of wild cats.

As the animals at the top of the food chain, wild cats help maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystems in which they live and upon which humans depend, and serve as the flagship species for conserving large, wild landscapes.

Panthera, a leading organization dedicated to ensuring the future of wild cats, announced on June 1 the 10-year guaranteed commitment from several environmental philanthropists and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

Unprecedented in its scope, Panthera said the money will immediately fund the most effective solutions for wild-cat conservation while lessening their greatest threats: poaching for  trade; retaliatory and punitive killing from conflict with humans; unsustainable hunting of prey; and the loss of habitat.

Source: Positive News US

Mystery Man Offers Ferguson Businnesses Money & Hope



Charitable giving is a rewarding and helpful act. Doing so anonymously shows a selflessness that’s unmistakeably personal and deeply loving. Check out with this mystery man did:


One man, cane in hand, strolled the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, last week with a selfless mission in mind: Help heal the hurt.

He ventured from door to door on West Florissant Ave. on Saturday afternoon giving out envelopes with $100 inside to various businesses, according to KSDK in St. Louis. Many of the storefronts in the area had been damaged from the recent unrest in response to the death of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown.

“He was an older guy,” Dellena Jones, who owns 911 Hair Salon, told the news source of the good Samaritan. Vandals had broken her store’s glass front door. “He said he lived in Ferguson forever.”

The man, who remains unidentified, told Buffi Blanchard of Clip Appeal Barbershop, “I’m sorry for your losses,” after handing her an envelope with two $50 bills inside, KSDK reported

Source: Huffington Post

Check out video here!

Shouting Out your Dreams…REALLY Loud!


“I want to fly!!!!”

How often do we speak our dreams aloud let alone shout them through a big red megaphone?

“Shout it Out” is part of Soulpancake’s “Success Series,” which includes videos of people defining success and naming steps to success.

And as the video points out, sometimes the first step can be as simple as saying your dream aloud.



How to Diffuse an Escalating Argument


Arguments are fueled by reactivity and the need to be right. So what simple step can be done to bring it down a notch, so both parties can think a bit more clearly? Get ready…it’s a simple one:




Oh but you knew that, didn’t you? When was the last time, in the midst of an escalating argument, did you simply request some time? Most likely, your foe will honor this request (because its not a slight on them, is it?). You may be brewing for a while, conjuring up the most pointed comebacks known to humankind.

But after a few hours your mind goes elsewhere. Maybe you engage in some work or get some fresh air. Or you talk with a friend. Or laugh a little. When you return to that heated argument that meant so much to you before, you realize it just doesn’t have the same hold over you.

So ask for it, the next time you feel an interaction spiraling downward. Or simply take it.

Take some time. Let the anger turn into energy. Direct it toward other aspects of your life.



Positive Quote Wednesday – on Arguing


One could venture to say that every day, we argue. With ourselves, with others…heck, even with inanimate objects (“Damn chair! What the hell are you doing there?”)

Can anything be gained from an argument? Let’s see what the experts say:



Airline Mechanic Fixes War Vet’s Prosthetic Leg


“It was nice to give something to an individual who gives a lot to his country and his community,” said American Airlines Lead Mechanic Keith Duffner.

Helping a vet in need is a special feeling–a chance to give back. It’s heart-warming to know this story has gotten so much attention. It shows how much the public values our service people and the many ways we can help.

LAS VEGAS. A McCarran International Airport mechanic took time away from working on planes and lent a helping hand to a wounded warrior. The picture that captured it all has now gone viral and is stealing the hearts of many. “It was nice to give something to an individual who gives a lot to his country and his community,” said American Airlines Lead Mechanic Keith Duffner. In the photo that’s gone viral, you can see Duffner working hard to fix the prosthetic leg of Afghan war veteran Taylor Morris. “Made his trip a little easier, that was a nice thing to do,” said Duffner.

Source: Fox5Vegas aircraft mechanic veterans leg


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