Best Side of Dubai: How to Spend a Week Here

Best Side of Dubai: How to Spend a Week Here

From the dizzying heights of the Burj Khalifa to pungent spices of the souks, get insider tips on the top attractions and things to do in Dubai. Dubai might be known as the glitzy-glamorous shopping capital, but the hidden alleys, the magnificent desert as well as experiencing the traditional Emirati culture, might just not be enough to explore this unique destination. If you want to engage in some adventure activity there is something for everyone in Dubai, so here are some tested suggestions the perfect itinerary.


Some people might be surprised to hear that you can spend 7 days in Dubai, thinking that there are only skyscrapers and malls, but we could not disagree more as most people just do not realize that you can easily fill them with fun activities. With giant skyscrapers surrounded by the blindingly white sands, it is one of the Middle East’s most important economic centers, as well as a touristic place where you can go off the beaten track. We’ve sorted you out with our ultimate tourist checklist which includes all that you need to visit in this ultimate tourist destination.


If you plan a trip to Dubai, this itinerary will help you to make the best of your week. Backpacking Dubai can be fun, but you should use some travel-hacks in order to cut off the expensive. There is so much to try, as well as unexpected locations that you need to add to your list.


Day 1

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, so check out the exhibit on the building’s history and hold on to your hat as it’s not for the faint-hearted and the views will blow your mind. Go at sunset if you can, it is open daily on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, a 10 minute walk away from Burj Khalifa Metro Station, and timed tickets are available.


Day 2

We recommend public transportation and getting a NOL card with a one-time, as it is cheaper this way than and is valid for several years. Get around, if you are in Dubai for one week, but know that driving there, is a bit crazy, particularly around Downtown.


Day 3

We recommend you visit he glamorous Dubai Mall landmark, which is one of the main attractions in the city, and if you are into shopping you should know that they extended it in 2018.


Day 4

A desert safari is a must, popular because it packs together adventure and food, making it an exciting activity to experience down the sand dunes.


Day 5

Dubai Frame is the latest landmark, with unique architecture, located in Zabeel Park, and it’s open daily from 10am to 7pm.


Day 6

Spend the morning at the Dhow Wharfage, as the boats and rugged sailors here are a photographer’s dream and the long, flat-bottomed vessels have been ploughing the waves for hundreds of years.


Day 7

Explore a completely man-made archipelago while aboard a one-hour cruise, where you’ll get unbeatable views of Dubai from the water.

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